Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bye bye blogger, hello wordpress!

Hi everyone, ok so for some reason with blogger I can't upload pictures or anything like that so its time for a fresh start so we are now over at amfashionandbeautyblog.wordpress.com, sorry for the confusion! Love ya xoxo

Sorry everyone, blogger gone crazy!

Hi everyone, sorry that blogger has gone crazy! It seems it wouldn't let me upload pictures or edit the template or design etc. Plus everytime it comes up with the error code: bX-dm384, can anyone help???!!! Thank you xoxo

Monday, 15 December 2014

Favourite Vlogmas YouTubers | 2014

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would share with you my favourite Vlogmas YouTubers 2014 (btw if you don't know what Vlogmas is, it is basically YouTubers vlogging up till Christmas!) Enjoy :)

1) MoreZoella, this girl may  have taken a short break from Vlogmas this year but I still love her...and Nala!
2) PointlessBlogTV, again he may have taken a break but this guy knows how to cheer you up after a stressful day!
3) Essiebuttonvlogs, this gal sure knows how to cheer you up! Together with her and Reggie her dog there's only so much cuteness we can take!
4) ThatcherJoeVlogs, what can we say, this guy makes us laugh TOO MUCH! Head over to his channel for some smile time :)
5) Tanya Burr, the Queen of Beauty is also a pretty good vlogger! The beauty queen always makes you feel better after a longgggg day!
6) EveryDayJim, him and Tanya together in vlogs is just too perfect!
7) Gabriella Lindley, Gabby as you may know her as just makes you feel so glad to have YouTube, she is an great vlogger to go to for some chill out time. 
8) Last but certainly not least, SprinkleOfChatter, one of the most lovely YouTubers ever! (She also makes some pretty good vlogs!)

Hoped you enjoyed this post, comment below if you agree with this list and see ya soon, bye xoxo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Edgy eye-makeup | #Makeup

Hi everyone, today I thought I would show you how to get this edgy eye-makeup look. I really like it and it's great for the winter season I think! Enjoy :)
 For this look I used my Prettypink Make-Up box, but you can use anything similar to the these colours. So to start off with I used a brown/copper colour base, using cream eyeshadow. All I did was apply that all over my eyelid using my finger up to the crease of my eyelid. Then I got my large eyeshadow brush (from Prettypink brush set) and using a dark brown colour I applied that colour to the crease and the corners of my eye. Then getting to the main part of this eye makeup I got a small, black eyeshadow eyeliner pencil. And I applied it along my bottom waterline. (It may take a bit of practice to get it neat, but you just have to keep retrying.) After that if you can apply the same eyeliner to your top waterline (I couldn't do this as my top waterline is more in depth because of my eye shape..plus I can't do it!) so then I apply my mascara in black. And I applied only about 2 layers of mascara to my top and bottom lashes lightly. And there you go! A edgy, make-up look!

Hoped you enjoyed this post, comment below if you want to see more make-up posts and see ya soon xoxo

Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Christmas jumper 2014 | #Christmas

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would show you my Christmas jumper for this year! I really REALLY like it! Enjoy :)
So this is the Christmas jumper, it's from New Look (which is one of my favourite shops!) and it was £19.99 I believe. For the quality it's very reasonably priced. It is literally the SOFTEST thing ever! I could fall asleep wearing it, that's how snug it is! (Btw it is 73% polyester if you were wondering what it is made of.) Also how cute is the word print 'Team Rudolph!' Also I love the 'O' in 'Rudolph' on this design. It just makes it so cool and the sequin antlers just make it even better! Altogether a 5/5 for cuteness and softness! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a soft jumper to keep you warm on Christmas eve.

Hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to follow this blog for more daily posts and see ya soon xoxo

Friday, 12 December 2014

Easy Christmas ideas for your bedroom! | #Christmas

 Hi everyone! So today we thought we would give you some inspo for your bedroom as Christmas is nearly here! So without further ado here we go, enjoy :)
 First idea is get some super cute decorations for your room! There are loads of really nice, reasonably priced deco out there so it's worth having a look around to see what you can find. Also present idea, fill a cute little stocking like in image 2 and fill it will CANDY! Also if you are good at DIY and crafts you could even try making some cool decorations using maybe some string and velvet, foam stuff to make cute things with!
 It doesn't matter if your 2 or 20! Get some cool stuffed animal teddies to have add cute-vibe to your room!
 Finally get TINSLE! Tinsel isn't that expensive at all and they come in a range of colours to spice up your room. If you are on a budget even just getting loads of tinsel would make your room much Christmassy!

Hoped this helped some of you needing some inspo for your room! Don't forget to follow this blog for some more Christmassy ideas and see ya soon xoxo

Thursday, 11 December 2014

6 things to do to de-stress yourself | #Smile

Hi everyone, so today we are going to help you find 6 ways to de-stress yourself! Hope this helps any of you now or even in the future! Enjoy :) ^

1) Do some meditation! All you have to do is take yourself to a moderately quiet place, put in your earphones and listen to relaxing music (sounds of the woods, ocean etc.) and then sit crossed legged and do the hand thing (Have no idea what it is called but you guys know what I mean!) and then for around five minutes just concentrate on breathing in, and out. If another thought enders your head think about it but don't dwell on it. Then open your eyes and you should be more relaxed!
How Meditation Improves Your Health (Part One)
2) Have a walk! You can go with your friends or maybe walking your dog. Just get yourself in the fresh air to clear your brain and you should feel a lot fresher after.
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways. ~ Psalm ...
3) Do some yoga! I love yoga and it is very easy to do. Just practice loads of yoga movements while listening to some of your fave songs and just relax.
4) Listen to music and do some dancing, doesn't matter if your good or bad at dancing, just dance!
5) Do something that makes your happy! It may be singing or drawing. Just set some time for yourself to do something you like.
6) Read! Being a bookworm I love reading, but you don't have to read a long, boring book. Try a magazine or a nice short book. It will help you relax :)
Recommend Your Best Beach Reads 

Hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to follow for more posts and see you soon xoxo

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Letting go | #Smile

 Hi everyone! So today we are going to a post that will hopefully help at least one of you. So today we are going to talk about Letting Go, enjoy :) ^
 For some letting go of something or someone can be a really hard thing to do. You just have to say to yourself "'it's not goodbye forever, it's more like ...see you later :)"
I know it's easier said then done, and it doesn't matter whether it takes 1 minute or 1 year to move on. You will eventually get there. It may be a long path, but it's the path that will lead in you in the happy direction.
When you let go it doesn't mean forgetting. It's always ok to remember sometimes someone/something you let go of. But it's obviously not healthy for you or anyone around you if you are ALWAYS remembering. So don't forget, just don't always think about that someone/something you let go from :) And don't forget, you not alone. You're never alone :)

Hope this helped a least one of you, if you have any other tips on helping people let go please comment below. For now see ya soon and good luck :) Xoxo

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gift Guide #1 | #Christmas

Hi everyone! So today we are doing are first Gift Guide for Christmas! We will be talking about are Bodyshop Shower and Bath gifts, enjoy :)
 So first we start off with the 3 mini shower gels on the top left of the picture. They come in a Coconut, Satsuma and another smell which I can not say! (Something to do with Mango's!) Altogether for the 3 mini shower gels they were £4.00. And the bottom left picture is the Strawberry Soap! I know it may not sound that exciting but everyone likes the smell of Strawberries! Altogether for the soap it was £2.00.

Hope this helped you for idea's for Christmas presents! If you don't like the sound of these Bodyshop had loads of other Christmas goodies in store so check it out! Hope you liked this post and see you soon xoxo

Monday, 8 December 2014

Tanya Burr lipgloss | Heart Skipped a Beat

Hi everyone, so today I will be reviewing a newly brought video from the first Tanya Burr cosmetics line in 'Heart Skipped a Beat' enjoy :)
So as you can see it is such a lush red colour. I was going to get Vampire Kiss as I have heard great things about it but surprise, surprise it was sold out! But oh well there was another red and it was this one and I am glad I got this one! I just love the colour of the lipgloss! It's the got the slightest shimmer which I really like! Talk about Christmas lipgloss, this is what I will be wearing on Christmas day! So to sum it all up I LOVE IT and highly recommend :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to follow this blog for more posts, and comment below your fave lipglosses! See ya soon xoxo

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Favourite Winter gloves | 2014

Hi everyone! So today I am going to share with you my FAVOURITE winter gloves this year! They are so nice and...yeah I just want to share them with you guys, enjoy :)
 So these are the gloves from New Look, there £8.99. I have no idea what there called, there like mitten styled gloves, if anyone knows what they are called then please can you tell me below! I like that you can either have the cap part up or down so it's good for even the less cold parts (but of course that probabley wouldn't happen, as it is REALLY cold!) So if you thinking of getting some cool gloves, these may be good to get! Also the jewels on it just give it a really chic look. I'm pretty sure I saw a matching beanie/hat for these gloves as well, I didn't get them but it looked cool! Also I don't know if they come in any other colours, but I like this colour thought!

Hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to comment for more daily post! See you soon xoxo 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

My shopping trip | Olaf, Christmas and Gloves!

Hi everyone! So I went on a fun shopping trip and I had so much fun taking some pictures for the blog! Hope you enjoy this post and enjoy :)
 New Look had some really cool bags, perfect for school and shopping!
 I had some trouble deciding what gloves to buy for winter from New Look, there were either the White mitten style gloves on the furthest left, the middle ones which were black with a cute ribbon on them, or the ones on the right which were a jam, pink mitten style gloves. In the end I went for the cute White mitten jewel ones. Which one's do you like more?!
 M&S had some really cool Christmas things in store, really liked the deco! 
 I found the Zoella Beauty Collection! AHHHHHH!
 Went in the Toy store (don't judge!) And I found OLAF! So cute! (Ps I now I spelt Olaf wrong!)
 Last of all how cute is this Ukulele?! So cute, #smile.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to comment below what you thought was cool and also follow for more fun post. See you soon! Xoxo

Thursday, 4 December 2014

What's on my Christmas Playlist 2014! | #Christmas

 Hi everyone! As the Christmas season is well and truly here I will do a 'What's on my Christmas Playlist 2014' post! Hope you enjoy this post and comment below what's on your playlist! Enjoy :)

1) I'll be home by Megan Trainor: Probably not a surprise to some of you who have seen my recent posts as you know I am LOVIN this song SO MUCH! Love ya Megan!!!
2) Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande: Being on of the BIGGEST Ariana Grande fan I was so excited when this song came out! I love it so much,<3 it.
3) Last Christmas by Ariana Grande: Continuing with the Ariana Grande I love this remake of the original song, love it!
4) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town by Jackson 5: Going back to the originals I love this classic by the amazing Jackson 5!
5) One of my favourite Christmas songs has to be 'All I Want For Christmas is You' by Mariah Carey. Amazing classic track :)
6) Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens: Hello? It has to this Christmas classic! Love listening to this song on Christmas day!

Also to throw in a little December I really like the Ladder Song by Lorde from The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt.1. Just...ahhh to good! Listen to it now!  

Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to look at are past posts and see you tomorrow! Love ya xoxo

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Meghan Trainor - I'll Be Home (Audio)

Hi everyone! This song was just to cute not to share with you! This is one of my  fave Christmas songs, enjoy  :) ^

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas party fashion ideas | #Christmas

Hi everyone today I thought I would do a Christmas party fashion ideas post! Enjoy :) ^

The chic look:
1) New Look, Bodycon sequin dress, £18.50 Navy Sequin High Neck Bodycon Mini Dress  | New Look
2) Topshop, GLOAT strappy high sandal shoes, £65.00GLOAT Strappy High Sandals  
3) Primark, Blue faux fur snood, £5.00
4) New Look, Black leather look jacket, £34.99Black Leather-Look Collarless Blazer  | New Look 

The cute look:

1) Navy studded chiffon skater dress £29.99 Navy Studded Chiffon Skater Dress  | New Look 
2) MAGNOLIA contrast boots, £78.00 MAGNOLIA Contrast Boots 

The cute/glam look:

1) New Look, Mint fluffy jumper, £22.00 Mink Premium Perspex Fluffly Jumper  | New Look 
2) Next, full length leggings, £10.00 Full Length Leggings (682518G40) | £10
3) New Look, Wide gold loafer shoes, £19.99 Wide Fit Gold Pointed Loafers  | New Look 

Thanks for reading this post! Comment below your favourite look, also don't forget to follow for more Christmas fun! See you soon xoxo