Sunday, 30 November 2014

90's fashion is back! | #fashion trend

Hi everyone! As the 90's fashion is back we thought we would do a 90's fashion post, enjoy :) ^

Ripped jeans: Ripped jeans made a quick come back in 2014, and they are so easy to make, got any old jeans? If you have fabric scissors then you can carefully make holes in the jeans. Or get some sandpaper to make holes in the jeans! Even celebrities like Selena Gomez are wearing them!

Preppy style: The preppy style is back! From the Quilted patterns to the cardigans have made a come back, and we love it! Celeb's like Ariana Grande are rocking the preppy skirts.

Chocker necklaces: Chocker necklaces have been brought back, even to the red carpet! They can be very pretty, like Emma Watson's necklace!

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Favourite 3 songs this Christmas! | #Christmas is here!

Hi everyone! So today we thought we would do a music post, for Christmas songs! I know it's still November, but...oh well! Enjoy :) ^
1. I'll Be Home by Megan Trainor. This is the SWEETEST and CUTEST Christmas song I have ever heard! As soon as you hear it you will fall in love with it, too cute <3!
2. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. This is a new Christmas single by Ariana Grande and it is very catchy! "Santa tell me, if he really cares.." Listening to it right now! You will love it!
3. Caring on with the Ariana Grande songs we love Santa Baby by Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies. I such a good remake from her last years Christmas album. Very catchy!

Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below your favourite Christmas song, and see you soon xoxo

Friday, 28 November 2014

Top 4 inspiring Images! | #Smile

Hi everyone! So today we thought we would just do a simple Top 4 Inspire Images post, put them as you screen saver, profile pic, anything! Enjoy :) ^

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Get up and try! | #Smile

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would do a 'Get up and try' post. Even if this makes one of you smile I will be SUPER HAPPY! Enjoy :) ^
 Sometimes we literally all feel like we are having the most UNlucky day ever! When really we are okay! But there are sometimes when we just really, really , REALLY want to be lucky! (Btw I am hoping I'm lucky tomorrow, I have a music exam! #Muuusssiiiccc!)  But if you think about it, we are always kind of lucky. It just so happens that some days we have a rubbish day, like when we trip over the stairs in front of everyone and more...
But just forget about it! No one can always have a perfect day, but we can have a 'My day wasn't completely awful' day! So just...Get up and try!
If you want to nail that exam today, do it! Nothing is stopping you, but you! Just imagine the story you want. If you want to...I dunno, make some cupcakes, make some cupcakes! Just do something that at the end of the day you can be like "Yeah, this day was a lot better then (What, did that even make sense?!) Just do something that makes you happy. Now! Good luck and Get up and try!

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Style scrapbook | Ariana Grande

Hi everyone! So today we thought we would do another Style scrapbook, this time for Miss Ariana Grande! Her style is so cute chic, too cute! Enjoy :) ^
 Love her style!

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Style scrapbook |

Hi everyone! So today we thought we would start sharing with you some of are fave fashion guru's! And one of them is Liz from! Her style is just so chic and we just love it! Leave in the comments your favourite fashionista and enjoy :) ^
 (Want the whole wardrobe anyone?!)
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Monday, 24 November 2014

Sincerely Jules | Style crush of the year

Hi everyone! So I am super sure that most if not all of you have heard of the amazing fashionista/blogger Sincerely Jules! She is one of the best style gurus in the world, who else just wants her wardrobe?! 
Her style is just so casual chic, she never puts a foot wrong in the fashion world! I don't know about you but I get like all of my style inspiration from her! So don't forget to say your favourite Style cush of the year!
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#Smile Sunday | Dream On Dreamer

Hi everyone! So we thought that some Sundays we would do something to make you guys hopefully smile (or smile more if you are already smiling!) So we hope you enjoy this post! Enjoy :) ^
 So today we are going to be talking about dreaming! I don't know about you but I am a BIG dreamer! I dream of possible things and things that will be a little hard to get (like wanting to be able to fly one day, don't judge!) But the point is, dream all you want, it's your dream, it's your life!

Think to yourself now "What is my biggest dream I want to accomplish?" Say it to yourself even if it is completely wacky! Right, now think "How could this happen?" I mean with a miracle I could one day have no sense of gravity so I can fly! Now think "What is stopping me?" Even if you have to go through a maze of thoughts to get to your dream, how could if happen. Because I bet that everyone can somehow get to there dream :)

Thanks for reading this post, don't forget to leave in the comments your dream/s and follow this blog for more daily post, it would make us SMILE! Also guys amfashionandbeauty now has Tumblr! This is still are main blog but for some more inspiring quotes or wacky thoughts find us on, thx xoxo

Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Tanya Burr lipglosses!

Hi everyone! So recently I went into town for one reason and one reason get some Tanya Burr lipglosses! And OH DO I LOVE THEM! I just love them so much! So I will be talking about my Aurora and Picnic in The Park lipglosses from the last Tanya Burr Cosmetic range, enjoy :) 
  ( Btw I know I missed out the C in Picnic in the picture, sorry!) So these are the lipglosses. As you may see the Aurora one is the more lighter one while the Picnic in The Park is the more brighter, very pink PINK one. (Does that even make sense?!) But they are just so gorgeous as you can see, The lipgloss is in such a sleek package. It looks so professional and
by far one of my favourite lipglosses! So cute :)
 (I MISSED OUT THE C AGAIN IN PICNIC! SORRRY AGAIN!) So these are the shades there in. When I was choosing the shades I didn't really know which two to pick! I kind of really wanted to get Aurora because everyone talks about this one, and I see why now! Then after I picked that one I had no idea what other one to choose. I was going to pick maybe the Chic one, but then I thought it may look to similar so I will get that one another time. Then I was like "Go with the red one!" But I dunno, red lipstick/lipgloss doesn't really suit me. I don't know why, it just doesn't! Then I saw the Picnic in The Park one and I was like YES that's the one!

So I hoped you enjoyed this post! If you haven't realised I am such a lipgloss girl! I'm thinking of doing my lipgloss collection, so comment below if you would like to see it! Thanks for reading and see you soon xoxo  

Friday, 21 November 2014

Steal Kylie Jenner's style #1!

Hi everyone, I thought I would do another style steal, this time how to get Kylie Jenner's amazing cool, grudge look! Enjoy :) ^

1) Bandaged white crop top, New Look, £14.99
2) Wide black trousers, Next, £28.00
3) Lilac boyfriend coat, New Look, £37.00   
4) Suede and leather crossbody bag, Topshop, £40.00
5) Retro leopard brown sunglasses, New Look, £1.50
(Sorry couldn't find any reasonably priced shoes like Kylie's. Comment below if you know any shoes that look similar!)

Thanks for reading this post, comment below if you would like to see more of these, and don't forget to follow this blog for more daily posts, see ya soon Xoxo
Also could you guys recommend any reasonably priced , good quality foundations? Ran out of my last one today! Comment below if you can help, thx xoxo  


Thursday, 20 November 2014

#Smile campaign

Hi everyone! So for the next few months we will be starting the #smile campaign! And basically we want the whole world to smile, so spread the love and start smiling! :)

#Smile! Love ya xoxo

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Steal Ariana Grande's style #1

Hi everyone! Today we thought we would do a how to get Ariana Grande's amazing style! Starting off with this outfit, we just love it so much! Great for a casual shopping in town! Enjoy :) ^
  (Ps sorry if some of the shops named here are not available where you live.)

Hope you enjoyed this, comment below if you would like to see more of these and we will see you next time! Love ya xoxo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Top 2 fashion icons of 2014!

Hello everyone! Today we will be naming are Top 2 fashion icons of the year! Comment below you Top 2 fashion icons and enjoy :) ^
First one has to be the amazing Ariana Grande! Her clothes are just too good and there so adorb! Love her fashion SOOOOOO much!
  The second one has to be the one and only Kylie Jenner! She has became the biggest teen style icon of 2014, just...ahhh  so good!

Well we hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to name your 2 fave fashion idols of the year and follow for more daily post, see ya soon xoxo

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ariana Grande Pink Champagne offical video!

Hi everyone! Being one of the biggest Ariana Grande fans I found the best song ever by her! Hope you guys enjoy this video called Pink Champagne! ^

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Miss Cutie Pie Lipglosses!

Hi everyone! Today I will be talking about my favourite lipgloss this season. Miss Cutie Pie Lipgloss! There are just WOW! I love them, unlike some other lipglosses they actually are the colour that they say they will be, which is great! So I will be showing you what colours they are, enjoy! :)
 Yep, the colour actually is this red! It is a vibrant red and so smooth and lush! The colour is just...ah just so amaze! Best lipgloss ever!
 This is the dark chic pink lipgloss! It is just so chic! The colour is so nice to wear and I love wearing this just on a casual day at home. <3
This is the lighter chic pink lipgloss I would say, <3 it! This colour is just one of my fave colours to wear on my lips, tres chic!
 This is the dark grape colour, so lux! I love wearing this with a dark purple lipstick and then putting this colour over to give a more glossy look. So amaze!
 This is the more see-though pink colour. In love yet?! This is great colour to wear to impress everyone while shopping in town! Cute!
 The nude pink colour! Just <3 this! Still wearing the colour right now! Perfect for school :P
 The lipglosses come in such an easy size to carry around with you in you school bag, shopping bag or in your coat pocket! Too cute!
Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below your fave colour and don't forget to follow for more daily post, see ya soon xoxo

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Best video of the month-November 2014

 It's quirky, funny and kind of strange. But Taylor Swift is in it! So we love it! Welcome to Blank Space by Taylor Swift, enjoy :) ^

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My favourite Shower Gel&Body Butter!

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing with you my FAVOURITE Shower Gel and Body Butter! I am just <3ing my NSPA products! They are just amaze ad also against animal testing so that is perfect for animal lovers like me! Enjoy:)
Here they are, so the Body Butter is the one on the right and the Shower Gel is on the left. As you can see I have used quite a lot but that just proves that they are very good! They are made of real fruit and nuts and they are natural vitamins for your skin! Also they smell amazing, they smell like...well fruits and nuts! But it's just so nice smelling!
So this is the amaze Shower Gel, I always us this after my shower and it just is so great! I've already used nearly half of it in under a month! (Because I use it so much!)
This is the Body Butter! Now I used this yesterday to test it out for this post and OH MY GOSH it is good! After about 1 minute my skin felt 100x smoother! Highly recommend this one!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Follow for more daily post and see are other posts and we're see you soon xoxo

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My fave YouTubers 2014!

Hi everyone, so today I thought I would share with you my fave YouTubers! Comment what your favourite are and enjoy! :) ^
(Btw these are in random orders!)
1. Zoella (Zoe!) Who doesn't like Zoella?! If you don't know who she is she is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle/everything YouTuber! She has just been one of the YouTubers that if you get sad you just go onto her channel and become HAPPY again!
2.Pointlessblog (aka Alfie!) Everyone <3's Alfie! He is one of the funniest YouTubers ever and also he is Zoe's (aka Zoella's) boyfriend! Zalfie 4ever!
3.ThatcherJoe (aka Joe!) He has done it all! From pranking his roommate (Caspar Lee) about a gazillion times to...pranking everyone else! This guy is too funny! Also he is Zoella's brother.
4.Marcus Butler (aka...Marcus Butler!) Heeelllloooo! Who doesn't want to wake-up to his YouTube channel? He is just so nice and lovely! Every persons fave guy!
5.Niomi Smart (aka...Niomi Smart!) Niomi just started her YouTube channel about less than a year ago if I am correct. But she is already making a BIG name for herself!
6.Michelle Phan (aka...well it is Michelle Phan!) Michelle Phan has to be the QUEEN of beauty, am I right?! Everytime you see one of her videos you can't help but just say WOW at how much she knows! We <3 U!
7.PewDiePie (aka don't know his last name!) This guy is the most subscribed YouTuber and you can tell why! He is so funny and I his gaming videos and colabs with his girlfriend Marzia just make you LOL!
8.CutiePieMarzia (aka Marzia...soz again don't know surname!) We love this girl! She has to be the nicest person ever, am I right?! We just love all of her videos, plus her boyfriend is only Felix (PewDiePie!)
9.SACCONEJOLYs (aka an amazing YouTube family!) Just as I'm writing I'm watching there latest video! Btw they update everyday at 6pm, yay! They are so adorb, with the cutest kids and dogs! Love them!
10.Kaushal Beauty (aka Kaushal...something!) You may or may not have heard of her but she is the best beauty girl! She is just so good at makeup and hair tutorials and she is so nice! WE LOVE YOU!! 
11.Tanya Burr (aka Tanya Burr!) She is such a beauty gal with the best tutorials! Also she has a book coming out soon, can't wait! Also she is engaged to Jim Chapman!
12.Jim Chapman (aka Jim Chapman!) Jim Chapman is just so funny! I always look forward to his videos as there always so good! GO JIM! 
13.SpinkleofGlitter (aka Louise...something!) She is just the most amazing person ever, she does the best videos and blogs and she just is so fun and bubbly! We <3 you!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My Taylor Swift perfumes!

Hi everyone, today I will be talking to you guys about two of my favourite Taylor Swift perfumes! Hope you enjoy this post! :)

 So I will be talking about my Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum Spray/Vaporisateur 30ml (the purple one on the left) and my Taylor by Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum/Vaporisateur 50ml (the see though one on the right)
 So this is the Wonderstruck Perfume, I totally love this one! It is so cute and small so this is one I bring with me if I am going on long car journeys etc. It in my fave shade of Purple, and the gold lid is so beautifully detailed. I don't know how to describe the smell but it reminds me of Christmas! (Probably because I got it for Christmas!) But it isn't to overpowering and I use this for just a casual day or for school (especially after pe!)  So cute!
 This is the Taylor Perfume, smells so sweet! It is a very light apple, green colour. Also I love the crazy swirly pattern on the perfume, and the lid is to cute! It's like a massive crystal with a pearl ring round it. It has quite a fruity, strong smell. So it's defo for the more daring ones. But I still wear this in the day time as it smells so fresh! 
Also the boxes they come in are so cool, I actually like keeping them in the boxes if I have to be honest!

Hope you enjoyed this, we try and update everyday so come back tomorrow and follow to keep updated and for now see ya soon xoxo

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Skincare tips!

Hi everyone! On this post I will sharing with you my skincare tips that will hopefully help you with acne etc. Enjoy :)

  1. Cleaning the skin daily will remove excess oil and dirt, so get a good face wash that will help your skin type.
  2. Regularly shampooing your hair and keeping it out your face will help you skin. (Some people might need to wash hair more/less depending on how greasy your hair gets.)
  3. If you have spots don't squeeze/pick them (probably the hardest to keep as 97% of teenagers admit to picking spots!) as this spreads bacteria and excess oil.
  4. Avoid touching your face as this spreads germs on your face. 
  5. Make sure you use makeup that won't clog your pores 
Hope this helped! Be sure to follow this blog and look at are previous post, leave in the comments any of your skin tips and see ya next time xoxo

Friday, 7 November 2014

My X-mas list 2014!

Hi everyone, I have decided to do my Christmas for this year and I am going to share some of my top things on my list! Enjoy :) ^

First one has to be Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella's) new book Girl Online! Zoe is one of my favourite people on YouTube and I am so happy that she finally has her own book out on November 25th! Well done Zoe!

Zoella Blissful Mistful Fragrance - My interpretationCarrying on with the Zoe theme, I love her beauty range Zoella Beauty! I especially can't wait to get the shower gel (as I love shower gels) and the perfume, go Zoe!!!

Next one is may sound a little strange but I really want a Tangle Teezer, I know I know, I should have one by now but oh well!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder & Highlighter Duo Review SwatchesThen comes the a bunch load of Bourjois stuff! Like the blusher, highlighter, lipstick.  You name it, it's on my list!

So these are a few of the things on my list, comment below what is on your X-mas and we will see you soon! Bye Xoxo Ps don't forget to follow are blog and look at previous posts! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Believe in yourself :)

Believing in yourself can sometimes be the hardest thing in live. From not being confident, not thinking your "pretty" enough, to not thinking you can complete this PE lesson! We all sometimes think like this from time-time, it's just a thing that happens in life. But if you can just (be)lieve (you)self than you can get anywhere in life.
Sure we have all seen this image! It only appears in are assemblies like EVERYDAY! But when you think about this image it actually has a meaning. From time to time we all feel like we are to weak or not confident enough. But as long as YOU believe that you have confindents than that's all that matters. You could be a super confident person but never have a chance to show it. Next time just answer a question in class, or stand up for what you believe in (within reason!)
 We all have those times when we feel like just giving up, but you just have to stop and think "Hey, I can do this." Just follow your heart. For example I had PE and couple of days ago (yay...) and we had to do a really annoying running test. And last time I did this I got a Level 4, but I told myself NO! I will get at least a level 5, and you know what I ended up getting a Level 7! So it just shows just carry on no matter what, (even when you feel like you might faint from running...)!
 Come on, today we have at least looked at the mirror once. To check if anything has changed since the last time we look. But sometimes what YOU see in the mirror isn't what SOMEONE else sees. It is hard to say "I am so beautiful, I am amazing." As when we look in the mirror we see the bad in us. But next time you look in the mirror say something like, "I may have a annoying long arms but I really like my hair" etc. Just say something good about yourself. 'Cause we all have beauty :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon with another post. Dpn't forget to follow are blog and we will see you next time! Xoxo