Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My fave YouTubers 2014!

Hi everyone, so today I thought I would share with you my fave YouTubers! Comment what your favourite are and enjoy! :) ^
(Btw these are in random orders!)
1. Zoella (Zoe!) Who doesn't like Zoella?! If you don't know who she is she is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle/everything YouTuber! She has just been one of the YouTubers that if you get sad you just go onto her channel and become HAPPY again!
2.Pointlessblog (aka Alfie!) Everyone <3's Alfie! He is one of the funniest YouTubers ever and also he is Zoe's (aka Zoella's) boyfriend! Zalfie 4ever!
3.ThatcherJoe (aka Joe!) He has done it all! From pranking his roommate (Caspar Lee) about a gazillion times to...pranking everyone else! This guy is too funny! Also he is Zoella's brother.
4.Marcus Butler (aka...Marcus Butler!) Heeelllloooo! Who doesn't want to wake-up to his YouTube channel? He is just so nice and lovely! Every persons fave guy!
5.Niomi Smart (aka...Niomi Smart!) Niomi just started her YouTube channel about less than a year ago if I am correct. But she is already making a BIG name for herself!
6.Michelle Phan (aka...well it is Michelle Phan!) Michelle Phan has to be the QUEEN of beauty, am I right?! Everytime you see one of her videos you can't help but just say WOW at how much she knows! We <3 U!
7.PewDiePie (aka Felix...um don't know his last name!) This guy is the most subscribed YouTuber and you can tell why! He is so funny and I his gaming videos and colabs with his girlfriend Marzia just make you LOL!
8.CutiePieMarzia (aka Marzia...soz again don't know surname!) We love this girl! She has to be the nicest person ever, am I right?! We just love all of her videos, plus her boyfriend is only Felix (PewDiePie!)
9.SACCONEJOLYs (aka an amazing YouTube family!) Just as I'm writing I'm watching there latest video! Btw they update everyday at 6pm, yay! They are so adorb, with the cutest kids and dogs! Love them!
10.Kaushal Beauty (aka Kaushal...something!) You may or may not have heard of her but she is the best beauty girl! She is just so good at makeup and hair tutorials and she is so nice! WE LOVE YOU!! 
11.Tanya Burr (aka Tanya Burr!) She is such a beauty gal with the best tutorials! Also she has a book coming out soon, can't wait! Also she is engaged to Jim Chapman!
12.Jim Chapman (aka Jim Chapman!) Jim Chapman is just so funny! I always look forward to his videos as there always so good! GO JIM! 
13.SpinkleofGlitter (aka Louise...something!) She is just the most amazing person ever, she does the best videos and blogs and she just is so fun and bubbly! We <3 you!


  1. I'm so glad I came across your blog! It's lovely and I agree with your choices and opinions!

    Mind checking out my blog?

    1. Cause I don't mind! Be checking that out soon! Stay tuned on this blog for more daily posts xoxo