Sunday, 2 November 2014

Ciate London Big Beauty Bus nail vanish!

Recently I got the Ciate London Big Beauty Bus which I hadn't heard much about before. But when I saw all the colours it literally blew my mind! There are 6 mini nail polishes for any season: White, Silver, Orange, Red, Dark Blue and Mint Blue. They are all such lush colours!
 So here are what they look like. As you can see they are all beautiful colours to chose from. My personal fave is the silver one on top of the Dark Blue and Orange nail polish. But they are all really good!
 Here is the Dark Blue and Mint Blue nail vanishes. I think these would look amazing for Winter but you can use they for any season!
 So here is the Red and Orange nail vanishes. They may look pretty similar next to each other but they are different shades. I think the Orange one will look great when Summer next comes!
 I really like the Silver and White nail vanishes. I think these will look amazing for party season, apply the White one first then add the Silver for the Party shimmer!
 Also the box they come in is sooooo cute! So cute that I am actually keeping it!

So I hoped you enjoyed this post! I may upload a skincare tips one later so look out for that. Don't forget to follow/subscribe and see ya next time xoxo

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