Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Clean&Clear skin treatment!

Like most people spots are practically the worst thing about being a teen! But luckily no-one is alone on this and there are things to help ease the spots. And since about the summer I have been using the Clean&Clear skin treatments and my skin looks wayyyyy better then it did before! So I am just going to show you some of my favourite Clean&Clear products :)
 First one is my Clean&Clear advantage spot control treatment gel. I find this super useful. It may look small but they always last me for a while. I just apply this in the morning and before I go to bed at night and it reduces spots within 4 hours (as it says!) Also it rebalances the level of oil on your skin and doesn't over-dry your skin so it is a win-win!!
 My next favourite from Clean&Clear product is my Clean&Clear dual action moisturiser. Before the summer I hadn't really been using any all! And as soon as used this my skin just felt a million times smoother! It's oil-free and as a extra bonus it helps prevent spots and blemishes which is just amazing! I apply this every morning and before I go to bed like my treatment gel.
 Finally my last favourite Clean&Clear product is the Clean&Clear spot control daily wash. I've been using this for actually about a year now, even though I like trying out new skin care products I just stick to this one as I know it 100% helps my skin! It is fast action and is also oil-free and doesn't over dry your skin. I simply just apply this in the morning to my face and then wash through, and I do this in the evening to. :)

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  1. I've never used anything from Clean and Clear as I'm much more of a Botanics girl, but they do sound lovely and have a brilliant line of products! xx

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