Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Tanya Burr lipglosses!

Hi everyone! So recently I went into town for one reason and one reason get some Tanya Burr lipglosses! And OH DO I LOVE THEM! I just love them so much! So I will be talking about my Aurora and Picnic in The Park lipglosses from the last Tanya Burr Cosmetic range, enjoy :) 
  ( Btw I know I missed out the C in Picnic in the picture, sorry!) So these are the lipglosses. As you may see the Aurora one is the more lighter one while the Picnic in The Park is the more brighter, very pink PINK one. (Does that even make sense?!) But they are just so gorgeous as you can see, The lipgloss is in such a sleek package. It looks so professional and
by far one of my favourite lipglosses! So cute :)
 (I MISSED OUT THE C AGAIN IN PICNIC! SORRRY AGAIN!) So these are the shades there in. When I was choosing the shades I didn't really know which two to pick! I kind of really wanted to get Aurora because everyone talks about this one, and I see why now! Then after I picked that one I had no idea what other one to choose. I was going to pick maybe the Chic one, but then I thought it may look to similar so I will get that one another time. Then I was like "Go with the red one!" But I dunno, red lipstick/lipgloss doesn't really suit me. I don't know why, it just doesn't! Then I saw the Picnic in The Park one and I was like YES that's the one!

So I hoped you enjoyed this post! If you haven't realised I am such a lipgloss girl! I'm thinking of doing my lipgloss collection, so comment below if you would like to see it! Thanks for reading and see you soon xoxo  

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