Monday, 15 December 2014

Favourite Vlogmas YouTubers | 2014

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would share with you my favourite Vlogmas YouTubers 2014 (btw if you don't know what Vlogmas is, it is basically YouTubers vlogging up till Christmas!) Enjoy :)

1) MoreZoella, this girl may  have taken a short break from Vlogmas this year but I still love her...and Nala!
2) PointlessBlogTV, again he may have taken a break but this guy knows how to cheer you up after a stressful day!
3) Essiebuttonvlogs, this gal sure knows how to cheer you up! Together with her and Reggie her dog there's only so much cuteness we can take!
4) ThatcherJoeVlogs, what can we say, this guy makes us laugh TOO MUCH! Head over to his channel for some smile time :)
5) Tanya Burr, the Queen of Beauty is also a pretty good vlogger! The beauty queen always makes you feel better after a longgggg day!
6) EveryDayJim, him and Tanya together in vlogs is just too perfect!
7) Gabriella Lindley, Gabby as you may know her as just makes you feel so glad to have YouTube, she is an great vlogger to go to for some chill out time. 
8) Last but certainly not least, SprinkleOfChatter, one of the most lovely YouTubers ever! (She also makes some pretty good vlogs!)

Hoped you enjoyed this post, comment below if you agree with this list and see ya soon, bye xoxo

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