Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Christmas jumper 2014 | #Christmas

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would show you my Christmas jumper for this year! I really REALLY like it! Enjoy :)
So this is the Christmas jumper, it's from New Look (which is one of my favourite shops!) and it was £19.99 I believe. For the quality it's very reasonably priced. It is literally the SOFTEST thing ever! I could fall asleep wearing it, that's how snug it is! (Btw it is 73% polyester if you were wondering what it is made of.) Also how cute is the word print 'Team Rudolph!' Also I love the 'O' in 'Rudolph' on this design. It just makes it so cool and the sequin antlers just make it even better! Altogether a 5/5 for cuteness and softness! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a soft jumper to keep you warm on Christmas eve.

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