Sunday, 23 November 2014

#Smile Sunday | Dream On Dreamer

Hi everyone! So we thought that some Sundays we would do something to make you guys hopefully smile (or smile more if you are already smiling!) So we hope you enjoy this post! Enjoy :) ^
 So today we are going to be talking about dreaming! I don't know about you but I am a BIG dreamer! I dream of possible things and things that will be a little hard to get (like wanting to be able to fly one day, don't judge!) But the point is, dream all you want, it's your dream, it's your life!

Think to yourself now "What is my biggest dream I want to accomplish?" Say it to yourself even if it is completely wacky! Right, now think "How could this happen?" I mean with a miracle I could one day have no sense of gravity so I can fly! Now think "What is stopping me?" Even if you have to go through a maze of thoughts to get to your dream, how could if happen. Because I bet that everyone can somehow get to there dream :)

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