Sunday, 30 November 2014

90's fashion is back! | #fashion trend

Hi everyone! As the 90's fashion is back we thought we would do a 90's fashion post, enjoy :) ^

Ripped jeans: Ripped jeans made a quick come back in 2014, and they are so easy to make, got any old jeans? If you have fabric scissors then you can carefully make holes in the jeans. Or get some sandpaper to make holes in the jeans! Even celebrities like Selena Gomez are wearing them!

Preppy style: The preppy style is back! From the Quilted patterns to the cardigans have made a come back, and we love it! Celeb's like Ariana Grande are rocking the preppy skirts.

Chocker necklaces: Chocker necklaces have been brought back, even to the red carpet! They can be very pretty, like Emma Watson's necklace!

Hoped you enjoyed this post, comment below any other fashion, beauty or music ideas you would like to see a post on, don't forget to follow this blog and see you soon, bye xoxo


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