Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Believe in yourself :)

Believing in yourself can sometimes be the hardest thing in live. From not being confident, not thinking your "pretty" enough, to not thinking you can complete this PE lesson! We all sometimes think like this from time-time, it's just a thing that happens in life. But if you can just (be)lieve (you)self than you can get anywhere in life.
Sure we have all seen this image! It only appears in are assemblies like EVERYDAY! But when you think about this image it actually has a meaning. From time to time we all feel like we are to weak or not confident enough. But as long as YOU believe that you have confindents than that's all that matters. You could be a super confident person but never have a chance to show it. Next time just answer a question in class, or stand up for what you believe in (within reason!)
 We all have those times when we feel like just giving up, but you just have to stop and think "Hey, I can do this." Just follow your heart. For example I had PE and couple of days ago (yay...) and we had to do a really annoying running test. And last time I did this I got a Level 4, but I told myself NO! I will get at least a level 5, and you know what I ended up getting a Level 7! So it just shows just carry on no matter what, (even when you feel like you might faint from running...)!
 Come on, today we have at least looked at the mirror once. To check if anything has changed since the last time we look. But sometimes what YOU see in the mirror isn't what SOMEONE else sees. It is hard to say "I am so beautiful, I am amazing." As when we look in the mirror we see the bad in us. But next time you look in the mirror say something like, "I may have a annoying long arms but I really like my hair" etc. Just say something good about yourself. 'Cause we all have beauty :)

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  1. Great post! I was feeling down this morning and this made me happy! :D

    1. So glad this helped you feel happy! Be sure to stay tuned for more helpful posts xoxo