Thursday, 11 December 2014

6 things to do to de-stress yourself | #Smile

Hi everyone, so today we are going to help you find 6 ways to de-stress yourself! Hope this helps any of you now or even in the future! Enjoy :) ^

1) Do some meditation! All you have to do is take yourself to a moderately quiet place, put in your earphones and listen to relaxing music (sounds of the woods, ocean etc.) and then sit crossed legged and do the hand thing (Have no idea what it is called but you guys know what I mean!) and then for around five minutes just concentrate on breathing in, and out. If another thought enders your head think about it but don't dwell on it. Then open your eyes and you should be more relaxed!
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2) Have a walk! You can go with your friends or maybe walking your dog. Just get yourself in the fresh air to clear your brain and you should feel a lot fresher after.
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways. ~ Psalm ...
3) Do some yoga! I love yoga and it is very easy to do. Just practice loads of yoga movements while listening to some of your fave songs and just relax.
4) Listen to music and do some dancing, doesn't matter if your good or bad at dancing, just dance!
5) Do something that makes your happy! It may be singing or drawing. Just set some time for yourself to do something you like.
6) Read! Being a bookworm I love reading, but you don't have to read a long, boring book. Try a magazine or a nice short book. It will help you relax :)
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