Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gift Guide #1 | #Christmas

Hi everyone! So today we are doing are first Gift Guide for Christmas! We will be talking about are Bodyshop Shower and Bath gifts, enjoy :)
 So first we start off with the 3 mini shower gels on the top left of the picture. They come in a Coconut, Satsuma and another smell which I can not say! (Something to do with Mango's!) Altogether for the 3 mini shower gels they were £4.00. And the bottom left picture is the Strawberry Soap! I know it may not sound that exciting but everyone likes the smell of Strawberries! Altogether for the soap it was £2.00.

Hope this helped you for idea's for Christmas presents! If you don't like the sound of these Bodyshop had loads of other Christmas goodies in store so check it out! Hope you liked this post and see you soon xoxo

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