Friday, 12 December 2014

Easy Christmas ideas for your bedroom! | #Christmas

 Hi everyone! So today we thought we would give you some inspo for your bedroom as Christmas is nearly here! So without further ado here we go, enjoy :)
 First idea is get some super cute decorations for your room! There are loads of really nice, reasonably priced deco out there so it's worth having a look around to see what you can find. Also present idea, fill a cute little stocking like in image 2 and fill it will CANDY! Also if you are good at DIY and crafts you could even try making some cool decorations using maybe some string and velvet, foam stuff to make cute things with!
 It doesn't matter if your 2 or 20! Get some cool stuffed animal teddies to have add cute-vibe to your room!
 Finally get TINSLE! Tinsel isn't that expensive at all and they come in a range of colours to spice up your room. If you are on a budget even just getting loads of tinsel would make your room much Christmassy!

Hoped this helped some of you needing some inspo for your room! Don't forget to follow this blog for some more Christmassy ideas and see ya soon xoxo

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