Saturday, 6 December 2014

My shopping trip | Olaf, Christmas and Gloves!

Hi everyone! So I went on a fun shopping trip and I had so much fun taking some pictures for the blog! Hope you enjoy this post and enjoy :)
 New Look had some really cool bags, perfect for school and shopping!
 I had some trouble deciding what gloves to buy for winter from New Look, there were either the White mitten style gloves on the furthest left, the middle ones which were black with a cute ribbon on them, or the ones on the right which were a jam, pink mitten style gloves. In the end I went for the cute White mitten jewel ones. Which one's do you like more?!
 M&S had some really cool Christmas things in store, really liked the deco! 
 I found the Zoella Beauty Collection! AHHHHHH!
 Went in the Toy store (don't judge!) And I found OLAF! So cute! (Ps I now I spelt Olaf wrong!)
 Last of all how cute is this Ukulele?! So cute, #smile.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to comment below what you thought was cool and also follow for more fun post. See you soon! Xoxo

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